ITeconomy Advisors, LLC (ITe) is an independent research group whose focus includes:

• Building a Current Quarter Model (CQM) and a Short-Term Forecast
We have been using the US CQM since early 1990s and CQM has an excellent historical performance record for forecasting the U.S. economy. ITe economists have constructed CQMs for other countries, including Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and Philippines.
At the request of the Thai government, ITe built a CQM for the Thai economy in 2004. The Thai CQM quite accurately forecasted the economy in 2005Q1 after the disastrous Tsunami damaged the economy in December 2004.

• Empirical economic analysis and Econometric Model Building
Our economists have a strong aptitude for empirical analysis and model building. ITe worked for the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Think Tank under the first Abe Cabinet for 2006 - 2007 and was involved in the LDP Think Tank Project “Accelerating Japan’s Economic Growth.” ITe intended to prove that Japan’s potential growth rate was above 3% and resolve Japan’s growth controversy in the age of the IT revolution. ITe made the report of “Japan’s Economic Policies to Achieve a 3% Growth” through a project of Keidanren (Japan Business Federation) during 2007 - 2009.

• IT related research and consultation
ITe economists have produced many professional papers and books about the effects of the IT revolution on the economy.
ITe served as a consultant to the NTTDATA for its “Developing IT Human Capital by e-Learning” project in 2002.

ITe had world renowned economists as economic advisors such as 1980 Nobel Laureate in Economics and Benjamin Franklin Prof. Lawrence R. Klein of the University of Pennsylvania; and Northeastern University McDonald Professor and Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania F. Gerard Adams, though Prof. Klein and Prof. Adams passed away respectively in 1993 and 1991. Their contribution to ITe was beyond description. ITe has still excellent economic advisors such as Prof. Roberto S. Mariano of Professor Emeritus, University of Pennsylvania; Prof. Kanemi Ban of Professor Emeritus, Osaka University; and Prof. Yoshihisa Inada of Konan University.

Company: ITeconomy Advisors, LLC (ITe)

Date Founded:

May 1st, 2000
Founder: Yuzo Kumasaka

157 Finmor Dr.
White Plains, NY 10607

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(914) 347-2531